i) The AcentraMC Store allows you to purchase virtual items to be used in-game. All purchases made via the store have a strict no-refund policy. Items should arrive within 30 minutes after transaction is accepted.

ii) You also agree that if you’re punished, banned, muted or in anyway removed from the server by staff for committing server offences that you will not ask for a refund. Bans and punishment guidelines are subject to changes and AcentraMC and the Administration team reserves the right to make changes with immediate effect without prior warning.

iii) By purchasing and making a transaction on our store, you comply that the information provided is correct, valid and authentic. Providing false information may result in any purchases from been removed or voided.

iv) You also agree that you’re at least 13+ years old when purchasing from our store or you have a legal parent/guardian that our making the purchase for you. In addition, you agree that you’re held liable for the payment information provided and that you’re legally bound to the transaction made.

v) You also agree that if the server closes permanently or is temporarily down for other reasons e.g maintenance that you will not receive a refund. All items are virtual and have no real world value.